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"A Women's Think-Tank For Educational Purposes"
WIT is an organization empowering women's minds, hearts, and souls through the use of education. Topics in the past have included finance, global economics, healthcare, innovation, science, technology, trust and tax ideas. In a salon-like enviornment, women are encouraged to participate in an intimate atmosphere where ideas are shared openly.
Women's Intelligence Trust ®

​"Great to be able to pick and choose topics. I was surprised by how much I learned from the topics." 
- Kathleen W.

"What a terrific and interesting day. A good group of intelligent women, great speakers and well organized. We all appreciate it, thanks for including me."
- Vicki E.

"Program was absolutely amazing."
- Daphne B.
The 4th annual WIT Conference will be on April 24th
Theo Schwabacher's fourth annual "Women's Intelligence Trust" (WIT) event will be on Thursday, April 24th at the St. Francis Yacht Club. This year's conference will feature Tracy White who will discuss peak performance. Her presentation will cover boosting productivity, increasing your energy and managing stress. The lunchtime keynote speaker will be an author by the name of Naomi Tickl. Naomi spoke at our first conference and discussed the art of face-reading and how doing so helps you succeed in both business and relationships. This year, Naomi will be discussing her new book, “Who Am I, Who Are You? Creating Successful Relationships.”​

The three rooms for breakout sessions this year will be finance, technology and women's health, brought to you by UCSF. There will be fivebreakout sessions per room (two before lunch and three after lunch). Below are the topics for each room:

Tax Drag
The Cornerstone of Retirement Income
Economic Times in Convertible Bonds
Healthcare and Consumer Analysis

Recent Changes in Estate Planning
Raising Kids in our 24/7 Connected World
Beauty Army
Air BnB
Cloud-based Software

Hearth Health
Cognitive and Brain Functioning
Anxiety into Action
Global Viral

The seminar will run all day from 8:30am breakfast and registration until 4:00pm, where closing remarks and the reception will take place. 

If you would like to RSVP, please send a confirmation email to ashleynicolecrigger@yahoo.com & mail a $175.00 check payable to "WIT" to:

3050 Pacific Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94115